From one of our founding members, Bill Cromer:

In 1959 as a 15 year old boy our family started attending the NEW ALDERSGATE CHURCH. We met in Kitty Hawk School on Harshmanville Rd. When we moved into our new Church it wasn't long until our MYF started. Our youth would meet on Sunday evening and one week was for Bible Study then the next week would be an event like skating, bowling, or a dance. After our meetings we went to Christies for additional fellowship. We had fund raisers like paper drives, car washes and “pay to help Church members do odd jobs.” This money paid for a couple of retreats each year. The members of our MYF were from all the Churches in Huber Heights. Because other Churches they attended didn't have anything for youth.
Our group was usually between 35 & 40. As a group we would go and attend the other Churches they attended on Sunday morning. Our joke among ourselves was the major difference was how many hymns were song and how long the Preacher preached. As I reflected back in my early adult life we truly had theology 101 in real time. The officers for MYF were a Catholic president, Jewish treasurer, and Baptist recorder of events. Our first adult leader was Mr Black then the King's took over. They had a “Big Family Room”, which was neat because we all fit :-)
The Aldersgate MYF members all sat together, “Up Front on the right side”. After Prom being out all night we came to Church in our “Formal Attire”. I remember the Pastor asking the congregation how may had been up after 10:30, 11:00, 11:30 and Midnight. Then said we had been up all night and still came to Church. When Sandy and I knew we were going to marry and spend the rest of our lives together we attended St Timothy Lutheran and Aldersgate. These are early memories and wonderful ones of my youth after 64 years.