Resources – Six Marks of Discipleship

Daily Prayer

Upper Room Daily Devotional (includes a short prayer and prayer focus each day)

Upper Room Living Prayer Center (articles and resources for prayer)

Guideposts on Prayer  (great collection of ides and articles)

Models of Prayer (collection of models like ACTS)

Getting Started   (nice series of short articles for beginning prayer)

The Lords’ Prayer as Model

A Collection of Prayers  (modern and classic prayers to use and model)

Weekly Worship

 Do You Believe in Church?   (great thoughts on weekly worship)

Worship as the Ultimate Act (what is worship all about?)

God Is Not the Object of Our Worship

If you find yourself away from home and church, why not find another local church near where you are staying or going? Another option is to have family devotions together. Here are some places online with excellent family devotional resources:

Family Mealtime Devotionals (Focus on the Family)

Bible Gateway Devotionals 
(scroll down to find the family devotionals – lots of other good ones for men, women, and covering many topics and situations)

Bible Reading

  • Here are several good websites: (has great Bible reading plans)

  • There’s an app for that Youversion has a great Bible reading app that will sync across your devices (computer, phone, tablet) so you can read when you want and are able. Search for it in your phone’s app store. Best of all it is free.If you are interested in a computer program, try e-sword (has lots of free material and others you can purchase). There is also a great app by Olive Tree Bible that allows to use any materials they have (both free and for purchase) on every device you own – computer, tablet, smart phone.